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Town Planning Permit

In most cases a Town Planning Permit will be required (particularly if you are in Yarra Ranges or Cardinia Councils). Plans submitted to your local Council will be similar to the Preliminary Design Drawings, but with more details relating to your building materials, colours, building height, any overlooking issues, proximity to tree’s and your neighbours buildings and any earth works or retaining walls, both new and existing. A basic cross section to show the type of construction and a Window Schedule will be supplied, so that you can start getting quotes for the windows and make a decision regarding the style and type of windows, as this will be necessary for the Energy Efficiency Rating.


A Geotechnical Report, an Arborist Report and a Bushfire Management Statement may also be required at this stage. We can organise these on you behalf if required. The ‘Council’ may take several months to assess your application, so we suggest drawings are submitted as soon as possible. A Building Permit cannot be issued until a Town Planning Permit has been issued (where required). You may apply for a permit with our plans personally, however most of out clients prefer to hand the responsibility to ‘Belgraphik’ to be the applicant on their behalf and we liase with the Council directly

Building Permit

Where do we get a Building permit? Final Working Drawings can be lodged with a private Building Surveyor. Your Builder may have a preference, or we can recommend local services. Final Working Drawings consist of fully dimensioned floorplan(s), all relevant elevations, site plan, door and window schedules, cross section(s), an electrical plan (where relevant), slab and/or footing layout, general specifications and details. Engineering Computations, Geotechnical Report, Bushfire Assessment (BAL) and 6* Energy Report etc. may be required. (Consultants prices are subject to individual quotes and are not included in our price.)


These final drawings are required to apply for a Building Permit and for your Builder to build from. The plans usually become part of the contract between yourself and the Builder, who will usually apply for a Building Permit for you, as insurance details need to be provided. All working drawings are designed to meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and the Residential Timber Framing Standard (A.S. 1684) for non-cyclone areas up to a N3 wind classified site.

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