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Owner Builders

By electing to build your home or renovation, ultimately you are looking to have control over the  whole process and to save on the cost of the construction.  Most regular builders have a profit margin built into their price, so by deleting the builder from the equation, consumers assume the building will cost less.


It is often a long held dream to build your own home and Owner Builders often possess a healthy desire and enthusiasm to be ‘hands on’ in the construction process.  Others prefer to sub-contract the bulk of the work while overseeing the process and adding their own individual finishing touches.


Owner Builders have often done a great deal of research of various building material and techniques, but just get a bit overwhelmed by all the information they have collected. However we understand that Owner Builders can also get a great deal of satisfaction from undertaking their own home building project.


Owner Builders can undertake all or part of the building work except in areas that require licensed tradespeople, (such as electricians and plumbers) and need to have some knowledge of building construction and just as importantly the time to organise trades and materials.  Alternatively part of the work can be contracted out to carpenters or tradespeople. If the property is to be sold within six years after the work has been completed the Owner Builder has certain obligations regarding compulsory statutory warranties, insurance and possible defects report.



If you are an Owner Builder, you will need to apply for a Certificate of Consent form the ‘Builders Practioners Board’. We have the application forms available in our office. Owner Builders and ‘Alternative’ constructions techniques often require more comprehensive detailed plans and our price structure for these reflects this.  If the Building Surveyor requires further information or clarification, this will be provided immediately upon notification in writing to ensure all works are approved.

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